With our passion for coffee, we opened our doors and quickly learned that we needed to roast our own coffee to keep cost down. We invested into roasting coffee with an Ambex 2k coffee roaster with a data logger in 2009. I quickly took classes in roasting at Ambex HQ in Clearwater Florida where, learning to roast started. It continues to be a wonderful journey.

We now roast on an USRC 12k machine and are looking forward to continuing to further our roastery expertise. It's been ten years since we first started the Muse Coffee Company in Lynchburg! We've grown so much, learned more than we ever thought possible, and we've met too many amazing people to keep track. We have started with direct trade coffee relationships with farmers from Costa Rica and Cameroon. These are ethical, traceable and sustainable coffees. We sell our coffee to churches, coffee shops, and others across the United States. We are working on a platform for Christian Missionaries and supporting what God is doing to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. We continue to get better and we will rest on Sundays because stuff doesn't matter. People do.




ur Story started in 2007 prior to our doors opening. My wife and I had just​



celebrated our second child. I was working as a Sales Engineer for a company in Northern VA. We felt that God was leading us to Lynchburg, Virginia for a new season of life. Boy was this the case. When we arrived, I lost my job and we had just purchased a new home.

Not knowing what was next, there were a couple of things that we did know. We love people and we love people doing life. We also had a love for coffee, mainly to stay awake. Working many nights on swing shifts, coffee was water.  With that love of coffee and conversation and much prayer, we started our journey.  Wanting to learn more about coffee I trained at Counter Culture Coffee in coffee preparation in North Carolina and my love of coffee grew.  We found the Wyndhurst location on accident and learned it was for sale and have not looked back. We quickly grew into a local favorite because we have the best customers ever. We learned a lot those first years and ultimately why we do what we do.  Nothing matters at the end of the day except for loving and serving others.

We roast on an USRC 12k machine and are honing our craft more and more every day. We have direct trade coffee relationships with farmers from all over the world where we get unroasted coffee beans right to our roastery door. These are ethical, traceable and sustainable coffees.