Meet Your Muse Barista: Lindsay

"I'm a wife and momma to the best people in the world! I am from the good old state New Jersey and yes if you look at my highschool year book you might have seen me wearing bronzer and something cheetah print. 🤦"

Meet Your Muse Barista: Rachel

"I like long walks on the beach as long as we can stop by the pier and get some fries."




I'm a local gal who went away for school and life but came back to raise my kiddos close to family. I love baking, but get it wrong as much as I get it right. If you come into the shop early in the morning while I'm baking, you might hear me yelling about my obsessive love for butter. The beach at 4PM might be as close to heaven as I'll ever find on earth. If you can't find me in the shop, chances are that I'm working on band stuff. Not a rock band or a praise band, but the local high school band program. I might need a self help book to deal with my compulsive love for the high school band program. And after being together for 20 years, I still think my husband is cute.



I love that coffee makes me feel more like myself.



Without a doubt, the people. I love knowing that Lindale is going to have a large Americano almost every morning and Tabatha loves her tea brewed a certain way and Laurie will always have a 16 ounce flavored coffee. These people, and so many more, have become part of my day and I really enjoy doing life with them.



My favorite Muse drink is the Amber Latte - maple spice, hazelnut, caramel. But since it's only offered in the fall, I drink iced Americanos the rest of the year. If I'm feeling extra froggy, I might put whipped cream on top...a lot of it.



It's so hard to pick one, because they happen all the time. It's one of the best things about The Muse. But, just last week, a woman who comes into the shop almost everyday for coffee stopped me and gushed over how she appreciated the way she is treated every time she comes in. She went on to tell me that it meant the world to her for our baristas to know her order, know her name, and love on her everyday. And by telling me how it makes her day, she made mine.



Oh boy. Lately, I've been in awe of the people around me who work so hard to make the world better. A great example is my husband who manages a business, parents his kids, and runs a local soccer club. He's actively contributing to the community by giving kids and adults the opportunity to come together over sports to build relationships and train for life. I'm super proud of his work and really enjoy watching him influence our community.


A fishing pole, tequila, and my cell phone...there's service there, right?